Tasmania, Central Highlands

Tasmania is home to some of the most unique great hikes in Australia, with over hundreds of national parks and reserves to choose from. We travelled to the Central Highlands of Tasmania and stayed at the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge in search for adventure and we weren’t disappointed.


Cradle Mountain Summit
Cradle Mountain Summit is a strenuous 6 – 8 hour return hike with heart-stopping large boulder climbs over dangerous cliff drops. However, the all-day journey will offer some amazing sights and the magnificent dolerite scree and columner towers at the top will absolutely take your breath away.

We started from Dove Lake and took the steepest route to the top of Cradle Mountain to catch the incredible view of Crater Lake and Lake Lilla. We even found snow on the way up, in the middle of Summer!

dove lake circuit.jpg
Dove Lake Circuit
This is an easy 2 hour circuit and one of Tasmania’s well known walks. The path will take you through the beautiful forest, around the shores of Dove Lake towards the often-photographed boatshed. This pathway is boardwalked making it easy to navigate.

Mt Amos Summit
Mt Amos is a 2-3 hour return hike with the reward of panoramic 360 degree views of Freycinet National Park including Wineglass Bay.

Despite it being a short hike, this trail is not recommended for the elderly or the young. Be prepared to scale some steep granite rocks which are slippery without the right shoes (we saw a few hikers slip on the way down!).

Overall, if you proceed with caution the hike should only be medium difficulty. There were also many glimpses of the incredible view during the climb and the reward at the top was well worth it.

Liffey Falls
Liffey Falls is an easy 2km return stroll starting from a carpark. The path is well paved which leads you to great views of cascading waterfalls. The pristine forest that surrounds the falls offers great photo opps and scenic picnic spots.


  • Hire a car and drive slow, especially at night. Unlike the bustling City streets, public transport and taxis aren’t frequent and driving a hire car will be your easiest option. We hired a car from Redspot and picked it up on arrival at Launceston Airport.
    Be sure to watch out for all the wildlife on the roads, you’ll encounter plenty at night!
  • Hiking shoes are a must. Do not endeavour on a full day hike up sweeping slopes and large boulders without proper footwear to keep you sturdy and support your feet.
  • Bring plenty of water. Even if you plan to hike during the cold season, you’ll need to stay hydrated throughout your hike and snacks to keep you going.
  • Bring a torch. Even if you’re planning to hike during the day, you might encounter unexpected circumstances to prolong your hike into the night. A head torch will be the best option to keep your hands free.
  • Study your hiking trail. Make sure to read and print the hiking track/trail notes before embarking on full day hikes. If you’re lost without reception, your printed guide will save you.

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