Australia, Queensland – Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a great diving and snorkelling destination to explore the largest living structure on the planet, The Great Barrier Reef. If diving is not for you, there are plenty of cocktails to be sipped by the water and ice cream to enjoy at The Esplanade.


Pullman Sea Temple Resort & Spa
The resort itself is a short drive from town, away from the loud crowds and the party backpackers. The pool bar inside the resort is a great place to unwind and our rooms were incredibly spacious with a private hot tub on the terrace.

Scuba Dive & Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
We booked a scuba dive trip with Silversonic Cruises ahead of our trip as we knew places would fill up fast. The cruise took us out to a beautiful serene area on Agincourt Reef and later on we moved to Turtle Bay where we were free to snorkel and scuba. The staff will assist you in deciding which spot would be best for which activity.

We dived in Agincourt Reef and snorkelled in Turtle Bay which worked out really well as the tide was extremely low when we reached Turtle Bay so everything could be seen not too far from the surface. The reef was abundant in colourful corals, marine life and even large turtles. We had a fantastic swim and dive and would recommend Silversonic Cruises to anyone visiting the reef for the first time.

The Esplanade, Cairns
We ended our visit to Port Douglas at the heart of Cairns in The Esplanade. The streets were bustling with backpackers and tourists and there were plenty of shops and eateries.

If you would like to visit the reef and stay somewhere with a vibrant night life and culture then Cairns is the place for you. If you’re after a more quiet escape away from the crowds, we would recommend to stay in Port Douglas.

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