Hotel Review: Museum Hotel – Cappadocia, Turkey

Hotel Review: Museum Hotel
Watching the sunrise fleet of hot air balloons in Cappadocia has always been high on our bucket list. We wanted nothing more than to have a perfect first experience of the balloons which is why we chose to stay at Museum Hotel.

Location, location!
This unique cave hotel is located on the highest point of Uchisar (and Uchisar just so happens to be the highest point of Cappadocia!) which offers an unrivalled view of the impressive valleys, vineyards and rock formations that make up this beautiful village.  From the hotel terrace you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the some of the most popular locations in Cappadocia: Avanos, Göreme, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley, Red Valley, and Mt. Erciyes. This makes it the perfect spot to watch the hot air balloons.

An intimate experience
Being a luxury boutique hotel, there are only 30 rooms and suites at Museum Hotel which is perfect if you prefer a more peaceful and private experience of the hot air balloons. After spending a few more days in Cappadocia, we quickly realised that most of the sunrise spots around the area were very easily accessible to the public and fighting for a good photo spot is never fun. The fact that this postcard perfect view was always a small staircase away from our bedroom was a real treat.

Turkish breakfasts by the pool
And the heated pool on the terrace… that was just the cherry on top 🙂 Not only does the pool face the balloon launch site, it’s conveniently nestled right in between the hotel restaurant and bar and you can request for a traditional Turkish Breakfast to be served to you by the pool. Let me just say, they don’t skimp out on the breakfast platter – #breakfastgoals were definitely met that morning!

The cave rooms
For those of you who are wondering, yes there is a reason behind the name! Museum Hotel is a “living museum” which has been restored from the ruins of the Cappadocian caves that were used for many purposes, like accommodation, stalls, depots, and kitchens to the Tekeli clan.  What makes this place special is that each room is completely unique from the other and depending on what your cave room once was, Museum Hotel has carried on it’s historical theme with a modern and luxurious twist.

Our cave room was a once a kitchen cave and when taking a closer look around the room, we found remnants of historical artefacts that were traditionally used to smoke, fan and cook food. On our first night here we were so captivated by the beauty of our private cave that we decided to order room service (yep, that’s me looking through the room service menu).

The view at night 
After room service filled our bellies with happiness, we finished off our night with a dip in the pool. The view at night on the terrace is just as beautiful as it is during the day… and we felt like we had it all to ourselves!

The animals!
We often bumped into our furry friend during breakfast. Unfortunately our food bribes didn’t work but an animal-friendly hotel is always a big tick. Museum Hotel even have a turtle garden and another garden that is home for two peacocks. These peacocks will be your hot air balloon alarm clocks with their dawn-time crows.

The upper terrace 
There are two balconies on the terrace. Most people watch the hot air balloons at the bottom terrace by the pool but we actually preferred the view from the top.

The upper terrace has comfortable couches, a cosy book room and cute archways for you to sit and enjoy the view.

Overall, we had an absolute stand out experience at Museum Hotel. There were 55 staff members and always someone at the concierge 24/7 so we were always swiftly taken care of and surrounded by Turkish Tea and desserts. We highly recommend booking your unique cave room experience here if its your first time visiting Cappadocia for an unforgettable experience… you’ll probably never want to leave but we’ll leave that problem up to you 😛

..and if you’re lucky you’ll even catch a balloon  flying across your bedroom window!


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  1. jessayap says:

    if i could ask what kind of room did you book? i want to take as much stunning photo like yours . all of them are absolutely lovely!

    or regardless what room we book we can have full access to these amenities? like the pool and terrace on your photo?

    your response is highly appreciated!


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