Hotel Review: HOSHINOYA Fuji, Fujikawaguchiko

This June I had the pleasure of staying at Japan’s first ever luxury glamping resort, HOSHINOYA Fuji. This retreat has been celebrated by many as one of the most unique places to stay in the world and its pretty easy to see how its earned that title.

Located in a town around the foot of Mt Fuji just 100 metres up the slopes of Aokigahara Forest, this is the perfect ‘Digital Detox’ destination that fosters a closer relationship between the guests, the outdoors and their sensibilities.

Keep reading for our review of our 3 night stay at HOSHINOYA Fuji.

Image from Most Unique Hotels


Not only do the cabins offer unparalleled views of Lake Kawaguchi and Mt Fuji, the cabins themselves are nestled within cherry, ginkgo, and maple trees that are vibrant all year round.

There are 40 cabins in total and 4 different types of cabins to choose from. Every cabin has their own private balcony and open glass wall to accentuate the views of Mt Fuji but each are fitted differently. Here are the distinguishing factors between each cabin type:

  • S Cabin: There are only 2 of these cabins and they’re unique because of the wood stove fire place on the balcony. This cabin is perfect for couples.
  • F Cabin: These are the only cabins that can accommodate 3 people and has 3 beds. This cabin is great for friends and families.
  • D Cabin: These rooms are fitted with a king bed and is perfect for couples.
  • T Cabin: These rooms are fitted with twin beds and is perfect for friends or families.

The price of the cabins will vary depending on the season. Around July, we found that the cabin prices started from ¥98425 (approx. $1,300 AUD).

During our stay, we were in the D Cabin and this was the view we woke up to every day:

The cabins take on a minimalist design with concrete slate walls on the exterior and neutral interiors. This is intentional so that the focus is on the view and your surroundings.

HOSHINOYA Fuji Cabin Entrance

However, the minimalist design doesn’t mean that the cabin hasn’t already thought of everything! We stayed here during the start of the rainy season and at the doorstep we had gum boots and umbrellas, then as we opened the door there was a rack of raincoats and winter coats to choose from.

HOSHINOYA Fuji Raincoats and Warm Coats

We had absolutely everything we needed to make us comfortable in our own little HOSHINOYA Fuji bubble.

HOSHINOYA Fuji Bedroom View
HOSHINOYA Fuji Cabin Bathroom

Getting there & Checking-in

HOSHINOYA Fuji Front Office (Check-in office)

We travelled to HOSHINOYA Fuji from Tokyo and followed the recommended directions on this Access page. These instructions may differ from what Google Maps recommends, but stick to the Access page instructions to get there faster.

Once we arrived at the HOSHINOYA Fuji front office, we immediately felt like we were suddenly immersed in something special. The staff introduced us to the retreat then we selected a backpack from the display wall.

HOSHINOYA Fuji Front Office – Backpack wall

These backpacks contained some assistance tools – a head torch, insect repellant, binoculars, inflatable pillow, water bottle and a bag of biscotti (that we literally ate as soon as we got to our room).

What’s inside the HOSHINOYA Fuji Backpack

We were then whisked away in an iconic HOSHINOYA Fuji red Jeep that took us to the grounds of the retreat and cabins.

HOSHINOYA Fuji Hotel Jeep

HOSHINOYA Fuji Grounds

The main area where we spent most of our time was the Cloud Terrace. At the top of the terrace is an outdoor fire pit (with everything you need to make smores), indoor fireplace and a shared relaxation area with freshly brewed tea, coffee and sweets available daily at no charge.

HOSHINOYA Fuji Outdoor Firepit
Smores Kit by the firepit
Communal area for coffee, tea and snacks
Daily sweets on the terrace
Daily sweets on the terrace

If you’re here during the rainy season, you may also cross paths with the bubble tent filled with reading books and lanterns. This set-up is designed to encourage guests to embrace the therapeutic pitter-patter of the rain with classic paperback books.


Wood Chopping Lesson

Wood Chopping Lesson

Upon our introduction to the Cloud Terrace, our Glamping Master showed us just how easy it is to crack that oak. We had a quick Wood Chopping lesson and toasted marshmallows in the fire pit right after – now that’s a perfect start to a Glamp site in our eyes.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt with the HOSHINOYA Fuji Map
Inside one of the tents set-up along the forest

One of the free rainy day activities we really enjoyed was the “Treasure Hunt”. We walked around with our “treasure map” in search for the clues and riddles scattered around tents and the terrace… and of course we had to stop by the Cloud Terrace to toast some more marshmallows during the process!

Early Morning Canoeing

Canoeing next to Mt Fuji
Canoeing in Lake Kawaguchiko facing Mt Fuji

On our last morning, the sun came out and it was the perfect morning to soak in the view from Lake Kawaguchiko on a canoe ride. The lake was so peaceful and we were so taken away by the view that we completely lost track of time and the staff had to canoe over and let us know it was time to dock.

This activity can be booked for groups of up to 7 people for ¥3,500 per adult and ¥1,500 per child (excluding tax) and runs daily from 7:00 – 8:30am if weather permits.

Stone Oven Pizza Baking Workshop

Pizza Making Class

For lunch on our second day we booked a Stone Oven Pizza Baking Workshop which runs at 3 timeslots: 11am, 11:30am and 12pm for ¥3,500 per person (excluding tax). This activity usually takes place on the Cloud Terrace next to the stone oven, however, it was raining this day so we made the pizza indoors.

What made this experience unique were the locally sourced vegetables and fresh sashimi pizza toppings .. which Will absolutely loved!

Morning Box

Balcony with the Morning BOX and Mt Fuji view

The “Morning BOX” is basically a breakfast picnic delivered to your door so you can enjoy it in the privacy of your balcony…and it’s officially our favourite breaky experience to date!

Guests can book in their Morning BOX experience at the check-in desk which is available between 7:30 – 9:50am daily for ¥1,600 per person (excluding tax).

Morning BOX on our balcony

The menu on the “Morning BOX” changes seasonally but the presentation is always immaculate. One of our favourite things in the BOX was the freshly baked Dutch Bread – the softest bread we’ve ever eaten!

Dutch Oven Baked Bread

Food Smoking Workshop

The “Food Smoking Workshop” is an activity you can book for lunch if you’re a group between 2 to 6 people for ¥3,000 per person (excluding tax).

This workshop takes place on the Cloud Terrace facing the panoramic forest views which really immerses you deeper into Aokigahara,

Before the workshop starts, you get to select the woodchips of your choice (each woodchip type have their own fragrance) and when the smoker is ready, there is a platter of seasonal ingredients to cook. We had baked cheese, nuts, dried fruits and fish which you can enjoy right away or have later at the Fireside bar.

Glamping Curry

When we booked the Glamping Curry Dinner, we didn’t expect such an extravagant in-room dinner set-up!

We had bubbling pots of beef and vegetable curry with sizzling plates of grilled meat and veggies and a pot of delicious Japanese rice. It was sucj a warm and hearty meal that we almost couldn’t finish the amazing dessert.

This dinner can be booked for 5pm – 9pm daily and costs ¥4,800 for 2 people (excluding tax).

Dining Hall Dinner

The appetisers on our dinner table at the Dining Hall Dinner

When you enter the Dining Hall, you can’t miss Executive Chef Takaaki Tagawa at the grilling station. Pictured above is our table full of food – and this is just the appetisers! We were so impressed by his unique flavours and had such a memorable dining experience.

Dinner is also something guests can book at check-in and the price will depend on your order.

Hotel Summary

If you’re looking to stay at one of the best-rated locations in Fujikawaguchiko, you really can’t go past HOSHINOYA Fuji. Whether you’re a couple or a family, this retreat is the perfect getaway that will totally immerse you into the forests surrounding Mt Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko.

We had such an unforgettable experience and can’t recommend it enough!

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