Review: TinyAway Home at Dam It Getaway, Gloucester

About Tiny Away 

Tiny Away is an Australian company spearheading the ‘Tiny House Movement’ with their tiny homes on wheels in locations around NSW and VIC. 

Founders Dave and Jeff, have handcrafted eco-friendly tiny homes that allow visitors to still enjoy the comforts of their regular home but surrounded by nature. These homes are quite affordable with prices starting from $139 AUD per night.

Keep reading for my review of the Tiny Away home located on Dam It Getaway in Gloucester, NSW that I booked using KLOOK.

Things to know before you go

  • Check-in is at 2pm and check-out is 10am.
  • The minimum booking for this property is 1 night.
  • Cancellation policy for this property: Receive a full refund (minus service fee) up until 1 week prior to check-in.
  • There are 3 resident dogs living on this property so if you’re not a dog person then a different Tiny Away home would be more suitable for you. If you’re a dog owner like us, then this place is certainly dog friendly and your furry friend will have a lot of fun!
  • The Tiny Away home is located in between the Dam It Getaway homestead and cabin. This means that there may be other guests staying on the property and facilities like the pool and spa are shared.
  • Dam It Getaway is easily accessible by smaller cars too, we drove there in our little hatchback without any issues.

The Tiny Home

The TinyAway Home at Dam It Getaway, Gloucester

When entering the Dam It Getaway property, we drove past the cabin near the entrance to get to our Tiny Away home with the keys already prepared and waiting for us. It was a seamless and contactless welcome to our Tiny House and the resident dogs came over to say hi too!

TinyAway at Dam It Getaway – Front Yard

In the front yard was a clothing line on the left and a large free area on the right for us to park our car.

Here’s a closer look at the front entrance of the Tiny Home:

TinyAway at Dam It Getaway – Close-up of the front entrance

And here’s what it looked like inside:


The bed was comfortable and perfect for 2 with power points and the light switches located within an arm’s reach of the bed and the air conditioner right above us.

View of the bed (dog bed not included hehe)


Directly opposite the bed is the microwave, fridge, bathroom and kitchen area:

Kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen is equipped with a kettle and all the cutlery you need to make you and your travel partner a meal and beverage. Underneath the sink was also detergent, dish towels and sponges to wash up.

Kitchen area

In the bathroom, the shower is similar to something you’d find in a house – a strong stream of water with hot water readily available and shampoo, conditioner, body wash included too.

The toilet was an interesting one. This Tiny House had a waterless compost toilet with an aeration fan installed to remove any odours. After doing your business, you simply use the spray for the decomposition process to take place which is mess free and easy. We had no issues with any smells from the toilet at all.

Bathroom: Toilet and shower

Back area

The back of the Tiny Away home was overlooking an incredible view of the farmland. We even got glimpse of a rainbow right before sunset time which we watched from the back porch of the house:

See those chairs behind me? That’s actually a private fireplace! Unfortunately we didn’t get to use it while we were here but it would’ve been a really lovely way to spend a starry night outside.

Fire pit facing the view

And if you plan on bringing some meat for the BBQ then you’ll be happy to know that this little griller is all yours too:

Barbeque in the back yard

The view

One of our favourite things about this property was definitely the view. This photo below was taken at around 6pm when the sun was starting to set over the hills:

The bed actually faces this panoramic view so you can enjoy the sunrise and sunsets from the comfort of the bed too.

The Spa

We were so incredibly lucky to have the spa all to ourselves during the morning mist! At around 6am we strolled over to the heated spa and it was extremely romantic to stare into the distance with the sound of birds chirping and leaves rustling around us.

The Pool

Right next to the spa is the pool. It was a bit chilly during our stay and the pool wasn’t heated so most of our time was in the spa, but here’s a photo for reference:

The Pool

The Farm

Dam It Getaway is located on 78 acres of farmland so you’re bound to bump into the resident horses and cows.

Horses on the Dam It Getaway

During the morning feeding time, we got to meet these friendly faces. Our little furball Panko was really excited to meet them too!

Meeting the horses on the farmland
Cows on the farmland

There’s also another firepit located close to the pool area and homestead too

Horse standing near the fire pit

A beautiful escape for two

Since Will and I both leave near the City, this getaway was just what we needed to escape our busy lives. It was so peaceful that we spent most of our time just soaking in our surroundings on the property instead of filling our schedule with activities… but sometimes that’s all you need. We highly recommend this getaway for two and to book using KLOOK for a discounted stay.

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